VERA Touch™
Natural Sanitiser Sprays & Foams

Personal sanitiser sprays and foams in sizes suitable for all purposes.  Refillable sprayers with refill gauge on labels.

VERA Clean Kit
Transform your whole house!

Natural cleaning products that really work. Refillable spray bottles with refill gauge on labels. General Purpose (blue), Bathroom (red), Kitchen/Food Prep (green), Decontamination (yellow).

VERA Concentrates & Refills

Save Money & the Planet!

Cost-effective cleaning with different quantities of concentrates & refills available for VERA’s refillable cleaning products and sanitisers. 



A safe, person-to-person, touch friendly environment with Touch 50 hand spray system.


Exposing yourself and others to harmful compounds found in, and produced by, most conventional cleaning products.


With our odourless, alcohol-free proactive cleaning system.

Now we can touch!™

We believe that everyone can have immediate access to healthy hygiene, every day and everywhere they go. We do that through a safe, unique, four-in-one, cost effective, plant-based solution that simultaneously cleans, protects, sanitises and deodorises.

We call it Transformative Cleaning™

VERA is a safe, multi-purpose highly potent plant-based formulation with a unique paramagnetic efficacy that both cleans and starves bacteria from multiplying on surfaces.

VERA deeply penetrates surfaces to dislodge and dissolve biofilms and surface contaminants, leaving a protective field that repels further contamination. It also has an odour control molecule that continues to eliminate the source of odours.

VERA is a safe, non-toxic cleaning solution that has been tested and proven to be fragrance free, taint free, alcohol free, non-corrosive, anti-fungal and antimicrobial.

VERA is ideal for Hand and Personal Sanitisation, Housekeeping, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Aeroplanes, Food and Beverage Areas, Hotels, Offices, Kindergartens, Schools, Gyms, Public Amenities, Workshops.


The Transformative Cleaning® power of VERA products cleans soiled and dirty surfaces, including fabrics, through its deep penetrating cleansing action that dissolves and purges soiling and contaminants. Effective cleansing with VERAs’ finest house cleaning product offers 99.9% of hygiene requirements and is most suited in quelling the transmutation of bacteria into superbugs that host viruses, including coronaviruses, that have been increasingly occurring in today’s world and environment.

We care about your hands

VERA Touch™ is for mobility and personal surrounding sanitation. It is a handy, pocket-sized, fragrance-free, stickiness and sting-free spray for use in aeroplanes, public transport, at schools, the workplace, in hospitals, gyms, and more.

Touch & Go: Using the VERA Touch™ spray with VERA Touch™ Concentrate in your travels means immediate access to refill on the go that can last the duration of your trip.

We care about your hands

VERA results in hygiene, ease of use and convenience for housekeeping and personal sanitisation in any environment. Provides multipurpose use on the majority of surfaces requiring cleaning. Its single formulation covers most cleaning applications and comprises four products at different strengths that follow the British Institute of Cleaning Science Colour Coding to prevent cross-contamination from one cleaning area or surface to another.

We care about your hands

The VERA formulation strips-off the surface biofilm that hosts harmful contaminants. It has a deep penetrating action that disrupts the surface tension of materials and allows the solution to purge soiling/ contaminants and at the same time creating a paramagnetic protective film that repels and prevents reinfestation of new contaminants. VERA contains an odour control molecule that continues to eliminate odours

We care about your hands

VERA leaves a paramagnetic field that repels and reduces any new bacteria/ virus’ ability to bind to the surface because there is no longer a biofilm present that would otherwise be its food source and lead to multiplication of algae, germs, mould, pathogens and other contaminants/ viruses. VERA essentially prevents the creation of a biofilm on the surface (germicide by bacterial starvation).

VERA is cost-effective

Initial application of our finest house cleaning product removes the existing biofilm build-up, and thereafter requires less VERA solution with less frequent maintenance to keep the surfaces clean, protected, sanitised and deodorised. VERA Concentrate is available in different sizes enabling cost-effective refilling of spray bottles with the addition of clean water.

We care about your safety

VERA comes naturally with safety features that include non-toxicity, antimicrobial, odourless and taint-free, non-corrosive, 100% environmentally friendly, disinfecting, sanitising and deodorising that is TGA-Compliant and Independently Certified. VERA products are harmless for humans, animals and the environment. VERA will satisfy occupational, health and safety compliance standards.


Ticking all the right boxes…

Microscopic shield

 Enable surfaces to stay clean longer.

Safe, Non-Toxic

Suitable for all food preparation areas.

100% Environmentally Friendly

 Grey water safe, non corrosive, colourless, odourless.

Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) testing equipment is used in the dental, food, hospitals, hospitality and other industries to measure, in relative light units (RLU), the amount this molecule is present for health and safety precautions. Health inspectors use ATP Hygiene Sanitation Monitoring systems to measure levels of contamination and thereby determine the cleanliness of surfaces.

Tests conducted on surfaces that had just been cleaned with other commonly used cleaning products in a nursing home and then afterwards cleaned with VERA displayed exceptionally high hygiene results (very low ATP), demonstrating that the other products had fallen well below the minimum hygiene standard; RLU readings below 10 are classed as surgically compliant.