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  • Commenced in-house trialling of Transylvanian recipes in 2013. Favourable research and development outcomes were achieved by incorporating the latest scientific technology. VERA Complete Liquid Science (VERA CLS Pty Ltd) was birthed and commercial production started in 2018 with an Australian laboratory and a team of experts to pre-launch a premier product and test the market. Following its success, the rising popularity and increase in demand, full scale production of a range of VERAs’ unique eco-friendly organic hand sanitizer sprays commenced in 2020.

How Vera became the makers of best organic cleaning products?

  • Mariana and her husband, Michael, were overjoyed when their miracle baby was conceived. But joy quickly turned into despair when Michael was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis seven weeks before the birth of their daughter, Alina in 1996. The journey ahead was arduous and painful for the young family as Mariana looked for numerous cures and means to keep her husband well so that Alina could grow up with a father. Sadly, by 2006 Michael was wheelchairbound. By 2013 when he was catheterized, Michael was in and out of hospitals with more unidentified infections and the cleaning products prescribed by specialists were ineffective. Mariana realized that there were simply no solutions available in the marketplace to prevent bacterial infection without negative side-effects.

Mariana’s grandmother, Veronica, had kept the family and her village free from infection by using natural plantbased cures during the difficult years of the Second World War. This started the research and development that Mariana undertook to do the same for her husband. After many years of experimenting with natural, safe, plant based ingredients currently available, plus collaborating with many doctors and experts, the application of the initial formulation showed huge difference within a few weeks. Family and friends began to notice Michael was at home more often instead of heading to the hospital in an ambulance.

This is how VERA – Complete Liquid Science (VERA CLS) came to be. The formulation from Veronica was upgraded by combining the latest scientific technology with top herbalist expertise that produced a highly effective solution. By August 2018 after many laboratory tests, feedback and testimonials from numerous trials in diverse applications, the VERA team was convinced from the evidence that this formulation was a unique, cost-effective approach to cleaning and commercially viable as a product of international standard.

Today, even though Michael’s MRI shows innumerable lesions on his brain, he is still living well at home and extremely grateful that VERA has provided him healthy hygiene. The transformative cleaning with VERA through its organic hand sanitizer spray and cleaning solutions, is now available to make an ongoing healthy difference in everyone’s life and their environment.


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  • Plant based
  • Non-toxic
  • Healthcare
  • Anti-odour
  • Antibacterial
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Australian made & owned
  • Biodegradable