Ethanol-based hand sanitisers are almost everywhere you go these days. Government legislation has made it compulsory for businesses to provide hand sanitisers to the staff and clientele in order to be covid-safe. 

But there are dangers associated with the alcohol-based sanitisers.


They are highly flammable and have been known to combust and cause serious injuries to people. Alcohol-based sanitisers are potentially lethal for recovering alcoholics, even for those who are many years sober. Research shows that alcohol is absorbed through the skin and can precipitate the metabolic cascade leading to relapse. Do you want your children absorbing alcohol through their skin every time that they use sanitisers on their hands? 




VERA Touch 50 is alcohol-free and kills germs – including viruses – with the same efficiency as alcoholic sanitisers, but without this potential hazard.

VERA Touch 400 is alcohol-free and a safe and effective choice for anyone seeking to maintain their sobriety whilst playing their part in stopping the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Do you have a skin disorder or suffer from open wounds? Do you take medication for these ailments or for other maladies such as depression?

Did you know that many hand sanitisers and cleaning products may be making your condition worse or causing negative side-effects by interacting with these medications?

VERA is the solution to these problems, creating products which are alcohol-free, low irritant and non-toxic.

Don’t use stinky, sticky, flammable, toxic ethanol-based sanitisers when you can use natural, odourless, plant-based sanitisers that are made right here in Australia.