Most of us learned at an early age to associate the smell of fragranced chemicals as “clean”. But that “clean smell” is actually deceiving us, by giving us a false sense of safety and security.

Scientific research* shows that many of the fragrances used in chemical cleaners are 7-10 times more toxic than cigarette smoke! So not only are the fragrances being used to disguise poor hygiene and bacteria, but they are potentially more harmful than the germs that they are trying to hide!

Vera Clean’s founder, Mariana Costea, has developed her family’s formula, as passed to her by her grandmother Veronica. Mariana’s grandmother used the formula of natural, odourless, plant-based ingredients to protect her family and friends after the pathogenic pandemic/bubonic plague in Europe during the 1940s. Since that time, Mariana has had the formula laboratory tested and scientifically developed and certified here in Australia (Adelaide).

Vera Clean doesn’t need to impose artificial fragrances and chemicals because the special microbial formula lifts and starves the bacteria, removing the source of the bad odours. You will no longer need to wear a face mask when cleaning the bathroom and you won’t have to run out gasping from all the toxic fumes.

Vera Clean has a range of safe and effective cleaning solutions and sanitisers. Every bottle comes with a refillable “water to concentrate” gauge on the side of the bottle to enable fast, convenient and cost-effective DIY refills with the Vera Clean concentrate.

Stay well, grow your immunity strong and protect the environment and the people close to you with the complete Vera Clean range of cleaners and sanitisers.